The beginning of something great

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I think of you and my heart instantly begins to flutter
A smile creeps across my face as I reminisce the feeling of your arms wrapped around me

I love your warm embrace
I love the soft kisses you gently place on my neck
Desire rising inside of me with each kiss

I am yours and only yours
You’ve captivated me body and soul
I do not wish to look toward the future without you in it

How can I survive without this feeling inside of me
This longing that only your touch, your kiss can fulfill

I am yours…


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I listen to your music and I am taken back to a simpler time
A time when creativity freely flowed through me, untainted by life
I am inspired by your artistic purity displayed within the truth of your words

I find myself enamored by your creative freedom
I am a fan of you, your heart, your spirit, and your voice
A fan, longing to encounter your “Millennial Love

I have never met you, but I feel as though I know you
Your music strikes all the right cords within me, bringing a whole new meaning to being played

Your life…

The closing of one chapter to open another

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Chapter 1
My love story begins with him on the chase, as I am the prey
Coming to see me every chance he can
Calling me whenever he has a free moment
Supporting me as a friend first, before revealing his true feeling

I find myself suddenly caught up in a man I did not know was mine and I, his
We fell so hard and fast, it seemed as if time stood still
I could only think of him, morning, noon, and night
All that mattered was us

Then, everything changed
He is less available, less attentive, less there


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At home waiting on a call that never comes
A lunch date who never arrives
A kiss that cannot seem to find my lips again

The emotional roller coaster I ride every time you walk out the door is ripping my heart into pieces
Yet I hold onto you, like a drug addict waiting for their next fix
Surviving on stolen kisses and borrowed time because you were never really mine

I find myself out on a limb
A limb that could break at any moment
Yet I take the risk of the break because my heart fell for you a…

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Walking through life, I am seldom distracted
I am seldom intrigued by the opposite sex
My mind, laser focused on my goals ahead
I tread through the mush, steady and true

And then I notice you, noticing me
Your energy is fun and fresh, seeking more out of life
Craving for past fulfillments long lost

You don’t just notice me, but you see me
The me that most do not or cannot see
The me that hides a deep vulnerability behind a confident façade

An imposter to myself at times
You reach out to touch me and I pull away

Photo by Abigail on Unsplash

Sometimes I wonder why I am here
Here in this world filled with half-truths and half smiles
A world, my world of uneven ground

One foot atop paved road and another foot sinking into the earth, bare and free
I often imagine what it would feel like to have both feet free, sinking into the earth
I daydream, often pondering the feeling of all ten toes wiggling in the dirt.

Sometimes I wonder why it is so hard to see the truth, my truth
Not manufactured truth, we all consume but the bare and naked truth of myself

Do I…


Photo by Mario Azzi on Unsplash

Unsure of which path to take, I sit here stuck
Waiting on divine intervention to strike me between the eyes and guide me back to myself

Where and when did I run off course?
Was this by accident or by another unseen force?
Either way, I am here — unsure, alone, and afraid

One side of me yells, “choose something!”
Another side of me screams, “what if you choose wrong……. again?”
Waiting on my higher self to intervene, I sit here stuck

I wait in this uneasy moment of life filled with stress and overwhelming fear
Fear of who I am…

Stephanie M

Poet/Healer/LOA Follower/Mom I love writing and I love the feeling of being inspired. I hope my words spark something great in others who read my work!

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